Stela Loryn spends her days juggling two jobs working as a hotel receptionist.

In her spare time, she reads fiction but tries to read at least one non-fiction book a year, though don’t ask her to name the ones she’s been able to finish. Stela owns more copies of Pride and Prejudice than is probably healthy and tries not to buy an entire series when she has yet to read the first book.

When she was twelve, she picked up a pen, put it to paper, and first tried her hand at poetry and then at writing her own stories.

Stela writes at her desk in her cramped apartment surrounded by unfinished manuscripts, disheveled journals and notepads, and a writing totem in the shape of a niffler (that can also serve as a piggy bank), named Fahrlander. Fahrlander is there to help with writer’s block, coming up with character names, and listening when the words need to be read out loud.

When the romanticism of writing in such a cozy place wears off, Stela seeks out the hustle and bustle of life beyond her apartment door to find an open, busy coffee shop or a nice secluded corner of a bar.

Her poetry is about life, love, and how we may not always feel okay, but we keep going anyway.

“but thoughts that haunt your being
¬†are impossible to ignore” –The Forgetting by Stela Loryn

In her stories she weaves tales of people and places on the brink of collapse and ruin, full of adventures, heroes, villains, and characters trying to understand life and how it’s alright to see more of the darkness as long as you don’t stare into it too long.

Stela has several projects in motion, including a reaper learning a mortal lesson, a girl who is willing to walk across a magical land to save her mom’s life, a zombie who wants nothing more than to stop the second apocalypse, and plenty more stories that only live in an idea notebook.

“So, in many ways I suppose, I did it on purpose, but it was a purpose I did not want to be a part of.” –Bound by Ink by Stela Loryn

When she’s not writing, Stela tries to keep her apartment clean (a task she regularly fails at), say hello to her friends and family every few days, and keep her cat, Leo, alive (he has no complaints).