Finding the Cure

Once started, you must continue.


  • Stands at 63,000 words.
  • There are 11/50 planned chapters.
  • Finding the Cure is about 15 years old (as of 2020). (That sounds crazy but it’s true.)
  • There have been about 3 attempts before this one, 2 of those having completed drafts.
  • Each draft has been vastly different because of the amount of time taken in-between.
  • I want to finish this story more than anything, but at the same time, I don’t want it to be a debut.


The only good thing about people trying to keep you away is that they don’t think twice when you do as they ask. At sixteen Adeline never expected to face the loss of her mom. Nobody allows Adeline to see her. She hadn’t even known her mom was sick. But she has a plan.

Her dad used to tell her stories about a magic flower with the potential to cure anything. The flower is a story, a myth, it doesn’t exist, but her dad always believed it did. Adeline will do whatever it takes to find the cure. With crude clues and no connections, Adeline ventures out to find Nikolas, an old friend of her father’s. He and her dad had once tried to track down the flower with no success.  Maybe she can accomplish what they could not? Nikolas is willing to help, but Jacob, his apprentice, is not. But Nikolas is not comfortable with Adeline going alone and Jacob can’t let his mentor go without him.

The journey is long and Adeline finds it much harder than she thought to track down the cure. They face obstacles, sadistic fairies, needy centaurs, a bridge that just might send them into the lava lake below, none of which Adeline could ever had thought to prepare herself for. They make friends along the way but also draw in enemies who will stop at nothing to keep the cure a myth. Their relentlessness to deter Adeline and her friends from their path reaffirms her belief that their efforts to find the cure aren’t in vain. The flower exists somewhere out there, and no one will stop her from finding it and curing her mom.

But the harder they try, the worse they become. Soon Adeline’s group is forced to break apart, everyone for themselves. Each person’s success or failure will mean victory or defeat for Adeline, and her job is the most fragile of them all. What good is finding the cure if she doesn’t know how to use it? When faced with her final decision, Adeline will have to wonder if the trip and all their accomplishments were worth the costs they all had to pay. Adeline learns the truth is more powerful than any cure they could ever hope to find.


“That’s not true!” Adeline’s temper flared.
“How would you know?” Jacob roiled. She needed to know never to say such things again, but he didn’t know how to explain it to her, so he kept yelling. “You haven’t read the history, of them slaughtering thousands during a time when their good was most needed. You haven’t heard the stories of those that have gone missing. You haven’t known a soul, one so close to you, enter these woods and never come out again!”

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