Reap Life

This time, he will fight for the living.


  • Started on November 1, 2015 for the National-Novel-Writing-Month challenge.
  • Stands at 50,000 words. This story is complete in its messy first draft. I have no desire to ever rewrite and pursue Reap Life.
  • 1st Draft complete.
  • Fantasy


He chose to live there and help the souls move on, but one soul threatens to reawaken the past. Rhythm is determined to send her on as quickly as possible, but her fate fights against them both.


“Who is she?”
“What? Her name is Rae Evers, but what does that matter?”
Erit moved in closer, invading Rhythm’s personal space. Rhythm moved to back away, but Erit grabbed his right bicep and firmly held him in place.
He pulled Rhythm closer to him, just a breath of space between them. Rhythm tensed not knowing what was happening. “Who is she to you?” His voice low.
Rhythm stumbled his words for a few seconds. He tried to break free from Erit’s grasp, but the guy was strong for an older man. “What! She’s a soul. What else is there?”
Erit gave him a little shake, now beginning to scare Rhythm. “How do you know her?”
“What? I don’t know her! I haven’t reaped her yet.”

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