In a city of thousands, only a handful remain.


  • Started on May 7, 2019.
  • Stands at 8,000 words of a tentative 85,000-90,000 words.
  • Undergoing first draft.
  • Fiction


Throughout Celantur, four shelters were built in case of absolute devastation. A town-wide siren goes off on Election Day for Celantur’s new mayor. War, bombs, and destruction. The end of the world has arrived for Celantur and all who live there. City Hall, the school, the police station, and the hospital are all that remain.

Only five individuals took action.

Charlie Bennett spent most of her time working on her laptop in Celantur’s police station, for the energy and, at times, urgent atmosphere the station provided. Charlie didn’t pay any attention to the people coming in and out of the station around her until the siren went off. She took charge of everyone, police, prisoners, and guests, herding them down into the old shelter below the station.

Thomas Keats always placed himself closest to the door at every end-of-day assembly. Thomas counted down the last hour that separated the week from the weekend. When the siren cut through all other sounds, he grabbed the hand of the girl sitting next to him and waved for others to follow them into the depths of the school. 

Royal Anthem waited his turn in City Hall ready to cast his vote for the next mayor of Celantur. He chatted and flirted, wondering if he could persuade others to change their votes to match his. More than half the line remained when the voting was canceled by the most terrifying sound. Many ran for the doors. Royal didn’t bother with them. He hurtled past those who remained unmoved, not knowing what to do, screaming, “The shelters! THE SHELTERS!” Royal didn’t think to look behind him to see if anyone heard or had followed.

Avery Volten and Corinth Chambers sat at the hospital, Avery recovering from giving blood and Corinth prepping to give his share, both trying not to make it obvious that they’re watching one another. The history between them remained too muddy and impossible. When only one sound pierced through the room, Avery and Corinth, with a shared glance, jumped from their seats. Corinth led the way while Avery rushed everyone onward to get as many of the patients and staff as possible into the forgotten parts of the hospital below them.

According to their Fallout Manual, they have an estimated wait time for rescue depending on which disaster occurred, but then the first time frame arrives and passes. Then the second expires, and as the third contingency time frame approaches, the survivors begin to worry help isn’t coming. 

Each Fallout will have to learn how to conduct and govern themselves, contend with overpopulation, flooding, sickness, lawlessness, and structural damage while they wait for rescue.

In order to survive, the remaining citizens of Celantur will have to stop fighting amongst themselves and find the key to their survival or be doomed by the very thing that was meant to save them. 

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