We lost her today.
I guess she was sad.
“Why didn’t she tell us?” You’d ask.
I did. I told you on the days I said I was sad,
that I wasn’t feeling well,
I didn’t want to leave the house.
Wasn’t eating, sleeping, dreaming, believing.
I told you every time I asked you to come over.
Suggested an activity.
I couldn’t do it alone.
I want to see that movie,
come watch with me.
I want to go ice skating.
“Well then you should go.”
On second thought, I don’t really have the energy.
I’m tired today.
Can’t read, watch tv or do anything really.
Just sleep. I’ve been asleep for three days.
I told you. I told you over and over.
I fought and battled and tried.
I cried out for help,
but you didn’t hear.
I’m too tired now.
Maybe tomorrow.

~Stela Loryn

Note to the Reader: Don’t give up. Keep trying. Seek help once, and again, and again. Save yourself. Be vocal. Be loud. Never stop telling them how you feel.

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