Song of the Ship

Stay the course and keep the ship manned.


  • Started on November 1, 2019 for the National-Novel-Writing-Month challenge.
  • Stands at 42,000 words of a tentative 85,000-100,000 words.
  • Part 1 of 3 still undergoing 1st draft.
  • Science Fiction


A Captain with a secret.

A crew that would give anything to escape where they came from.

A ship that literally creates her own music as she flies.

A galaxy on the edge of death and darkness.

If the crew of Endora fail to help the broken galaxy, they will sink into the void of space and be forgotten by time.


Zypher slapped Azor on the shoulder, “You ready?” His smile was brighter than the star currently trying to reach its greedy fingers through their protective shielding and pluck them all from the ship one by one to feast on.

Having someone man the helm in the time they were at anchor was the only fail safe in case the gravitational force of the star shifted and overpowered Endora’s systems.

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