Tell Me

Have you ever thought of me? Did you once think of me?
Because I’ve thought of you. I’ve asked and prayed specifically for you. I try and know you. Understand you. Keep you in my day-to-day, but you don’t respond often enough. Well enough.
You don’t seem curious or eager and though there are moments where the things you say or the way you are I wonder if you do think of me, think of us as more.
Everything from the way you choose to spend your time, your proximity, your movements, your speech, none of it shows that you’re interested.
I’m interested.
I’ve thought about all the ways we could be great, the feel of your hand in mine, what it would be like to kiss you and have you hold me as we lay in the dark together. I’ve thought about what we could accomplish together, the kind of people we would be, the family that we could have, could create. I’ve thought about what we’d grow out of, what we’d learn, and who we’ll teach. I’ve thought about all of that, more than once, all the time. With you.
Have you thought of me? Do you feel for me? Do you ever think of me as more than a friend? I’m willing to give this a serious go when you are. Do you even think of me as a friend? Sometimes it’s so hard to tell.
I already love you, but I could love you so much better. So much more.
You just have to want me too.
You just have to say so.
You have to tell me.
Because I’ve been watching and waiting so long that I can no longer tell the difference to what you say and what you are trying to say. All you have to do is tell me.
Tell me with a kiss, a romantic gesture, a promise, words, actions. Tell me so I’ll know whether or not to continue thinking of you so I can save my feelings and move on with my life. Tell me before it’s too late.
Because once I decide to love, to really love, it’s over for me. I’ll be on board one hundred percent. There will be no going back for me. Once I say those three little words that hold the meaning of forever, that’s it. I won’t ever seek another. I won’t ever love another. Tell me. Share with me.
We could be great together.
We could be everything.
All you have to do is step up and tell me.
Tell me so we can begin.
And continue.
And never stop.
We could be a story for the ages.
Epic and beautiful and perfect.
Together in love.


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