The Edge of Death: Update #5

I told you guys in Update #3 that I finished with writing Part One of, The Edge of Death. But I didn’t. Soon after I posted that update I changed my mind…again.

I officially wrapped up Part One on September 3, 2020. I’ve been working through the first third of this story for so long that I’ve found it daunting staring at another block of 9 empty chapters. I am now starting Chapter 10 just over the 70,000 word threshold.

It’s now time to figure out how the plot arch and character developments, are going to not only reach through these next 9 chapters, but how they are going to grow and continue from Part One.

We are entering the meaty middle of the story. The world is set, the settings have been introduced, the characters that are in play and those who remain so are established, but now the mayhem begins.

The middle has always been the most challenging thing to me about writing a story. The ending I always have first, the beginning is suspect, but as long as you start somewhere you’re okay. It’s the middle where everything goes down, where it has to connect and make sense, evolve while still remaining the same story. Maybe this is why I have such a hard time writing the ninth chapter. It’s the end of the creating stage and the prelude to the converging and diverging of story lines.

Part Two has begun and I’m trying to write every day, while also trying to be better about not completely beating myself up if I don’t meet my wordcount goal or write at all that day. It’s a hard lesson to learn, one I keep having to retake over and over. But we’re getting there. Slowly, one word at a time, I’ll eventually be able to write “the end” on this project one day soon.

Until then, I’ll fill you guys in on all the gory details along the way.

Also, NaNoWriMo is coming up soon. Prep-Tober is just a few weeks. Normally, I would have been freaking out about the event starting back in July, but this year, it’s barely on my radar. I might, once again, become a NaNo Rebel and jump into the hype and conversations to keep The Edge of Death piling up words.


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