The Edge of Death: Update #8

Operation write 10,000 words during September, week 2, has been filed.

The word count is going up and I love watching the number rise. From me being in a bit of a writing slump for over a year with the word count stuck just over 75 thousand, to flying past 80 thousand fuels my writing sessions. Having the word counter on screen and running during every writing session is not equivalent to watching a clock tick away. Being able to see the count rise with every word written keeps me in the writing mood, the story flowing, and has me wondering how high I can get that number before my writing juices for the day drain completely. 


“The Edge of Death” is currently undergoing chapter 13 of 27, closing in on that 10K mark for the month far sooner than anticipated. I’m excited for what the rest of the month will turn the story into. What kind of progress can I realistically make in a month when I set reachable, daily goals and treat my writing time with the respect and care it deserves? I don’t know. But I’m more than ready to find out. 


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