The Edge of Death: Update #10

My writing goal during September was to reach 10,000 words by the end of the month. After spending a year in the deepest writing slump of my life I have managed to reach my goal and more.

The 4th week and some odd days saw me reach 10,000 words and by the end of the month I managed 16,864 words. The story passed the 95K mark at 96,446 words with a tentative cap of 150,000 words. I have broken into chapter 16 which is the dead middle of part 2, which is just an arbitrary break in the story to better help me see the overall storyline.  With 12 chapters still to write, this story is far from over.

The challenge to reach the end gets even more difficult with the start of October. For me, October starts the NaNoWriMo season and along with brain storming a new idea for the month of November, I’ll be continuing to write my 325 words a day during October for another monthly goal of 10,000 words.

Though I’m entering into my busiest writing time of the year and starting a new story in November, the updates for The Edge of Death are far from over. They might be less over the next two months and maybe not weekly milestones, but I’m determined to finish the end of this story sooner rather than later. I hope you all stick around for the ride.

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