The Edge of Death: Update #11

The first week of October trying to reach 10,000 words by the end of the month has gone very well. Some would say extremely well seeing as I’ve hit a milestone in my writing I never have before.

For the first week of this spooky season I’ve managed to gain 3,752 words, which for those who like to follow the math, is a tad over the targeted count of 2,275 or 1,477 words over target. You can’t see it, but I’m giving you the biggest cat-like grin right now.

I’ve mentioned it before, but after spending over a year unable to write, the constant, steady, progress I’ve been getting over the last few months has felt so great. The Edge of Death is the only W.I.P. I have a full outline for and to see the progress reduce chapter by chapter is liberating to see. Twelve chapters to go. That’s all I need. A protentional 12 chapters and 36,000 more words. My chapters tend to run anywhere from 3000-5000 words. Some, mostly the earlier chapters, always sucked more out of me than I had planned for, but lately I’ve been trying to keep each chapter to an average of around 10-12 pages.

I talked about that milestone I hit this week, well, I managed to get my wordcount over the 100,000 word mark, which is around 335 pages according to my writing software. I have many projects under my belt, most of which are still in the first draft phase. Only two of them are complete first drafts. The first one is a scrapped project. I don’t ever plan to to continue that story, but the second one, Bound by Ink, is ready to enter its second draft and sits around 80,000 words.

I have been living in the world of The Edge of Death for so long that being able to feel like I can see the home stretch begin to rise over the horizon is is both exhilarating and scary. I’m not so delusional that I don’t know the amount of work this story is going to need before it can enter draft 2, but until then I am going to keep writing and keep fighting for the end.

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