The Edge of Death: Update #12

From week 1 to the final days of October my goal of 10,000 words during the month has come and gone. (Don’t mind the fact there are still technically 3 days left before the start of November.)

For the most part, I kept a steady writing pace throughout October and found myself struggling the entire month. Most of that I think had to do with the fact that I was simultaneously getting my words down for The Edge of Death, while taking notes and outlining for my NaNoWriMo novel, At the Turn of Tomorrow. My focus and energies were split between both stories and so progress did drop from last month to this month.

Even so, my efforts were not to outdo myself from the previous month, but to merely reach the goal I set out to do and by the graph above you can see that I succeeded. Where the word count stands at the time of this post is 10,111. It’s still crazy because I reached my writing goal ahead of time, but a part of me still feels like I’ve slacked. I had one weekend out of town, where I did no writing and I am now prepping for the Halloween weekend which is meant for celebrating and celebrate we shall. 

I’m content with giving myself this small rest for the last few days of October before the intense writing of November starts. I’ve managed to add 27,021 words to my project over the last two months and with plans to continue working on this w.i.p. in December, the increase of wordcount is far from over before the year ends. 


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