NaNoWriMo 2021: At the Turn of Tomorrow #4

50 thousand words within 30 days. The challenge is different for everybody and even the outcomes different every year. What makes one year easier or harder to complete? Does it only have to do with external forces: jobs, kids, family, responsibilities? What do you really have at the end?

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NaNoWriMo 2021: At the Turn of Tomorrow #2

The 2021 NaNoWriMo season has gotten off to a rocky start. With celebrating Halloween this year, rather than spending it as a normal day, November 1st came and went without me sitting down to write. I spent the first week of NaNo scrambling to catch up that single day.

But at the end of the week the word count was where it was supposed to be and week two of NaNoWriMo has shown no mercy. I’ve been riding near perfect word count every day. In the past, by this time, I’ve had gone over the base word count at least a couple times, so to see the story progress right on track feels a little weird, but the month isn’t over yet. 

I’ve won NaNo before ahead of schedule, but I’ve never managed to have more than the 50,000 words by the end of the month. I’m not going to put that pressure on myself this year, but I’m going to reach the goal and write as much as I can after that. 

The Idea for At the Turn of Tomorrow started off weak. The story wasn’t even a story, it was a two line idea I had jotted down earlier this year. For some reason, once the time came to seriously think about an option to develop for NaNo this one was the only thing I could focus on.

I’m structing my approach differently than I have in the past. Before, I would either pants the story entirely, that is I would go in completely blind with no plan and begin writing with nothing to follow. Or I would go in with chapter by chapter outlines. This year I’m working off a loose timeline of random scenes that I’ve tried to make follow each other and that would lend the natural development of plot twists and foreshadowing as I went. I’ve already seen several of these scenes find the trash bin and merge together and turn out quite longer than ever anticipated. Everything seems to be working out so far and with almost a quarter of the story complete, I know I’ll be working on At the Turn of Tomorrow for as long as it takes to see it completely finished and readable. 

Until then, only three more weeks of NaNoWriMo to survive. Happy Writing. 

NaNo Prep 2021: At the Turn of Tomorrow #1

If it’s your first time participating in National Novel Writing Month or your 10th, you can make the month what you need it to be to reach all your writing goals. Writing begins on November 1st to reach 50,000 words by the end of the 30 days and while there are plenty of rules, you have to keep in mind there aren’t any rules. Continue reading “NaNo Prep 2021: At the Turn of Tomorrow #1”

The First Eternity

What would you do with all the time in the world?

  • Started on November 1, 2013 for the National-Novel-Writing-Month challenge.
  • Stands at 14,000 words of a tentative 85,000-95,000 words.
  • Undergoing 1st draft.
  • Science Fiction


An important anniversary is approaching, and Theodore is about to be placed in the middle of the celebration. Time is about to tick over into its first eternity.

Theodore is mediocre at everything he knows, but he’s talented in everything he tries. When Time chooses Theodore to become one of its prodigies, known as a Timer, Theodore takes the offer no questions asked.

Theodore is given the ability to stop and start time at will, to become a master in everything he has ever wanted to learn. The Timers are groomed to be the best in their field, talked of and studied for centuries after they’re gone. To be teachers during their lives and spread their knowledge.

But that’s not enough for Theodore. There is only one last lesson to master. Time itself.

What would you do if time was yours to control?